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Australia Australia's Billy Williams:

Title Catalog Release Date Maker / Country
I Wouldn't Leave My Little Hut For You 13548 Jan-1907 Standard UK
Where O Where 13561 Mar-1907 Standard UK
Bamboo Bungalow 13579 Apr-1907 Standard UK
I've Got A Lover Up In Scotland 13587 May-1907 Standard UK
The Taximeter Car 13606 Jul-1907 Standard UK
Poor Old England 13619 Sep-1907 Standard UK
Jean From Aberdeen 13631 Sep-1907 Standard UK
Has Anyone Seen My Poodle Dog? 13563 Oct-1907 Standard UK
The Hob Nailed Boots That Father Wore 13641 Oct-1907 Standard UK
As Good As Money In The Bank 13656 Nov-1907 Standard UK
When Isn't There A Girl About? 13672 Dec-1907 Standard UK
There's A Girl Needed There 13693 Jan-1908 Standard UK
Tickle Me Timothy 13696 Feb-1908 Standard UK
I Wish I Were You 13717 Mar-1908 Standard UK
It Jolly Well Serves You Right 13739 Aug-1908 Standard UK
Put A Bit Of Powder On It Father 13755 Sep-1908 Standard UK
Postcards (There's A Picture For A Postcard) 13780 Nov-1908 Standard UK
John, John, Go And Put Your Trousers On 13539 Dec-1908 Standard UK
If Only I Could Find The Key 13805 Jan-1909 Standard UK
I Must Go Home Tonight 12056 Jul-1909 Amberol UK
Save A Little One For Me 13867 Jul-1909 Standard UK
Little Willie's Wild Woodbines 12066 Aug-1909 Amberol UK
I'll Meet You One Dark Night 13877 Aug-1909 Standard UK
Come Into The Garden, John 12107 Nov-1909 Amberol UK
Mr Harris - A Tale Of Paris 12127 Dec-1909 Amberol UK
I Must Go Home Tonight 13917 Dec-1909 Standard UK
We Don't Want More Daylight 12139 Jan-1910 Amberol UK
Since Poor Father Joined The Territorials 13930 Jan-1910 Standard UK
In The Land Where The Women Wear The Trousers 13969 Jan-1910 Standard UK
I've Found Kelly 14060 Jan-1910 Standard UK
We're All Waiting For A Girl 12149 Feb-1910 Amberol UK
It's A Wonder What Little Things Lead To 13938 Feb-1910 Standard UK
My Girl From London Town 12153 Apr-1910 Amberol UK
Settle Up And Settle Down 13949 Apr-1910 Standard UK
The Collier 12169 May-1910 Amberol UK
The Old Grey Coat 13958 May-1910 Standard UK
When Father Papered The Parlour 12310 May-1911 Amberol UK
Let's Have A Song On The Phonograph 12322 Jul-1911 Amberol UK
Clogs And Shawl 14068 Jul-1911 Standard UK
I'm The Man That Banned Flannagen 12329 Aug-1911 Amberol UK
Why Do You Think I Look So Gay? 12330 Aug-1911 Amberol UK
Soap And Water 12331 Aug-1911 Amberol UK
In The Land Where There Are No Girls 12332 Aug-1911 Amberol UK
Here We Are Again, Pom, Pom 14073 Aug-1911 Standard UK
Wake Up, John Bull 14074 Aug-1911 Standard UK
Don't Go Out With Him Tonight 12349 Sep-1911 Amberol UK
Let's Go Where The Crowd Goes 14075 Sep-1911 Standard UK
Mrs B. 14076 Sep-1911 Standard UK
My Sweet Rosetta 12351 Oct-1911 Amberol UK
You're The One 12352 Oct-1911 Amberol UK
Why Can't We Have The Sea In London? 12393 Jan-1912 Amberol UK
I Keep On Toddling Along 12448 Jan-1912 Amberol UK
Come And Have A Look At What I've Got 14099 Jan-1912 Standard UK
Why Can't We Have The Sea In London? 14108 Jan-1912 Standard UK
Let's All Go Mad 12405 Feb-1912 Amberol UK
Take Me Where There Are No Eyes About 14139 Feb-1912 Standard UK
I Don't Care 12421 Mar-1912 Amberol UK
I Wish I Were A Lady's Man 14124 Mar-1912 Standard UK
My Lass Frae Glasgae Toon 12427 Apr-1912 Amberol UK
My Father Was Born In Killarney 14134 Apr-1912 Standard UK
I Wish It Was Sunday Night 12438 May-1912 Amberol UK
I Never Heard Father Laugh So Much Before 14137 May-1912 Standard UK
Tis A Far Better Thing I Do 14138 May-1912 Standard UK
Tell Them You're A Doctor 12464 Jul-1912 Amberol UK
All The Silver From The Silvery Moon 12473 Aug-1912 Amberol UK
I Don't Know What To Do 14156 Aug-1912 Standard UK
Oh! Mr Mc Pherson 12478 Sep-1912 Amberol UK
All The Houses Were Going Round And Round 14159 Sep-1912 Standard UK
Why Don't Santa Claus Bring Something To Me? 12499 Nov-1912 Amberol UK
Where Does Daddy Go When He Goes Out? 12516 Dec-1912 Amberol UK
It's A Grand Old Song Is "Home Sweet Home" 12526 Jan-1913 Amberol UK
The Kangaroo Hop 23010 Feb-1913 BA UK
I Must Go Home Tonight 23015 Feb-1913 BA UK
My Young Man Is Not A Chocolate Soldier Boy 23024 Mar-1913 BA UK
Little Willie's Wild Woodbines 23027 Mar-1913 BA UK
Wait Till I'm As Old As Father 23042 Apr-1913 BA UK
We're All Waiting For A Girl 23058 Apr-1913 BA UK
It's Mine When You've Done With It 23070 May-1913 BA UK
The Ragtime Wedding 23078 Jun-1913 BA UK
On Her Pic-Pic-Picolo 23088 Jul-1913 BA UK
I Wish I Were Back In Lancashire 23099 Aug-1913 BA UK
She Does Like A Bit Of Scotch 23113 Sep-1913 BA UK
There Must Be Something Nice About The Isle Of Man 23124 Oct-1913 BA UK
All The Ladies Fell In Love With Sandy 23133 Nov-1913 BA UK
Why Don't Santa Claus Bring Something To Me? 23146 Nov-1913 BA UK
Jean Loves All The Jockeys 23153 Dec-1913 BA UK
Molly Mc Intyre 23161 Dec-1913 BA UK
Mr John McKenzie, O. 23191 Jan-1914 BA UK
Blame It On Poor Old Father 23202 Feb-1914 BA UK
Give A Donkey A Strawberry 23219 Mar-1914 BA UK
I'm Out For The Day, Today 23236 Apr-1914 BA UK
I Can't Keep Still Tonight 23248 May-1914 BA UK
The Worst Of It Is I Like It 23252 Jun-1914 BA UK
I Come Frae Scotland 23266 Jul-1914 BA UK
What Time Tomorrow Night? 23279 Aug-1914 BA UK
Good-Bye Ragtime 23289 Oct-1914 BA UK


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